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How do we find the driver after arriving?
How do I pay?
Do you have children's seats, baby seats, infant carriers?
What happens if the flight is delayed?
Can I book the return trip from my destination?
Are the passengers insured?
We do not want to drive from the airport but would like to rent a car?
How long is the trip between airport and destination?
How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?
Can we use the drivers phone?
We have lots of luggage, a mountain bike, a golf bag - will there be room?
Can we stop off at the supermarket en-route?
Is the transfer direct or do we stop en-route?
Does the driver speak English?
Do I have to share a vehicle with other people?
How far in advance do airport pick-ups need to be booked?
How many passengers can travel in one of your cars?
Do you offer tours? Faro fast transfers
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